To be a global leader in delivering technology solutions and services that help those who protect America’s assets succeed.

Core Expertise

Develop, integrate, and deploy capabilities across the globe to support operations
Advise, train, and assist organizations in employing proven management practices
Discover, evaluate, and report anomalies throughout multi-domain environments
Enable the secure and reliable exchange of critical data across various platforms
Provide cyber ops and security solutions with real-time awareness and analytics
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Integrity Support the Mission and the People that defend our nation

Quality Motivated

Service Adaptable

Ingenuity Competent

Grit Committed

Courage Accept the toughest challenges and do what’s best for our customers

Accountability Honor commitments, exceed the standard, and take pride in our work

Respect Embrace diversity and treat others the way they deserve to be treated

Excellence Provide the best services to make our clients the best at what they do

Sustainment Stay sharp and maintain operational successes and achievements


At IQ SIG, we believe in fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We embrace the unique perspectives and backgrounds that each team member brings, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. In addition to our commitment to diversity, we also value family and fun and believe in creating a workplace that is both productive and enjoyable. We encourage our team members to bring their whole selves to work and celebrate our successes together. From team outings to office-wide celebrations, we believe a positive and supportive work environment is key to achieving our goals. We believe that work should be challenging but also fulfilling and rewarding.

Community Support

Our company recognizes the integral role we play in the community’s well-being. Through community support initiatives, we aim to uplift those in need and foster a sense of unity and collaboration. By investing in the future of our neighbors and the environment, we hope to leave a lasting legacy and build a stronger, more connected community for generations to come.


We are proud of our efforts and involvement to help others in need. Our founder is a combat-service disabled veteran who retired after 22 years of service. As a Wounded Warrior-owned small business, our top three priorities involve:

IQ SIG Proudly Supports the Following Organizations: