Critical Communications Solutions

Engineering sophisticated solutions that deliver secure and reliable communications with seamless data connectivity

IQ Sig’s critical communication solutions foster teamwork, boost productivity, and promote flexibility in an expansive, boundless global landscape. Our expertise lies in developing, melding, and fortifying vital communication networks

Critical Communications Solutions

Land Mobile Radio

Overseeing the lifecycle of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, ranging from simple handheld radios to intricate trunking systems, with multiple sites supporting thousands of users from initial discovery to final decommissioning.


Designing, engineering, deploying, and managing secure satellite communication systems to support global missions.


Enhancing microwave network coverage, capacity, and service dependability by offering innovative, top-tier solutions customized to customers’ unique requirements.

Unified Communications


Linking organizations with seamless, real-time video conferencing solutions that provide end-to-end connectivity.

Voice over IP

Providing universal Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions in both stationary and rapidly deployable settings.


Deploying state-of-the-art telepresence, VoIP, audio/visual, and video conferencing technologies that integrate effortlessly.

Infrastructure Solutions

Inside and Outside Cable Plant

Improving essential internal and external communications infrastructure to ensure peak performance and reliability.

Power Distribution

Supplying efficient, reliable, and advanced power solutions to meet the specific needs of the military services and commercial and industrial sectors in various operational settings.

Electronic Security Systems

Constructing physical barriers and implementing next-generation security technologies to protect essential assets worldwide.