Information Technology Services

Driving the future of technology with smart, agile IT services that are not only resilient and clear-cut but also seamlessly integrated and uncompromisingly secure

Today’s military depends on advanced electronics and weapon systems that need scalable technology and cross-domain compatibility in Cyber, Land, Air, Sea, and Space. IQ Sig specializes in IT integration and modernization, converting outdated IT frameworks into secure, efficient networks and systems that enhance the preparedness of the military services and civilian agencies.Our efforts focus on evolving strategic and tactical networks to address new threats, facilitate innovative operational tactics, and safeguard America’s IT services and interests globally

Cybersecurity Operations

Cybersecurity Systems

Delivering advanced threat detection, network security, and data protection to identify, neutralize, and report digital threats, such as malware and phishing, using AI-driven technologies. 

Computer Network Defense

Executing systematic processes, enforcing protective measures, and initiating incident-response plans essential for detecting, monitoring, safeguarding, analyzing, and defending against network infiltration.

DOD and NIST-Compliant Management Framework

Designing and developing data security processes for new IT systems in compliance with NIST SP 800-37 Rev.2 and DODI 8510.01 standards.

Certification & Accreditation

Employing specialized tools and methodologies to evaluate system and network vulnerabilities, assess cyber risk, and achieve system accreditation with the Authority to Operate.

Cloud Development and Application Modernization

Vendor-Agnostic Virtual Cloud Infrastructure

Upgrading the current infrastructure to a sophisticated, hyper-converged virtual infrastructure that supports private or hybrid cloud configurations.

Software Defined Networks

Consolidating network management, maintenance, and oversight through the implementation of software-driven solutions and architectural frameworks.

AS-A-Service Capabilities (XaaS)

Enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing technology investments through XaaS (Everything as a Service) models that are accessible and provisioned via cloud service providers.

Data Center Consolidation

Reducing redundancy and mitigating risks by executing enterprise application suites in hybrid cloud settings which facilitate storage, local computing, processing, and virtual desktop capabilities.

Network and Service Operations

Situational Awareness & Proactive Network Management

Implementing automation for situational and operational awareness, and consolidating measurements of service health, availability, and risk into a unified, real-time dashboard.

Incident Response

Reducing the effects of network or service disruptions by employing thorough incident awareness and responsive measures.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery/Avoidance

Decreasing the frequency of network outages and mitigating data loss by implementing proactive disaster avoidance tactics and extensive business continuity and recovery planning.

Call Center Services & Support

Providing on-demand expertise, troubleshooting, and repair services, while meticulously monitoring the progress of trouble tickets from initiation through resolution.

IT Operations & Maintenance

Upgrading, managing, and sustaining intricate IT and network infrastructures to ensure optimal security, dependability, and scalability.

Multinational Mission Partner Networks

Working with mission partners to develop network infrastructure solutions, test advanced technologies, and transition them to fully operational in cohesive coalition network environments.

Application Modernization / DevOps / DevSecOps

Enhanced Software Development-Containerized Applications

Reconfiguring existing large-scale applications into distinct, cloud-friendly, and containerized designs to accelerate the speed of application releases and deployments

Operations & Process Automation

Enhancing the reliability of mission networks through the development and implementation of systems that automate routine network management and maintenance activities.