Pioneering mission-driven technologies and solutions to provide unwavering protection and defense to our Armed Forces and enhance the overarching security of our nation

IQ Sig is at the forefront of engineering revolutionary solutions to enhance communication interoperability, modernize critical infrastructure, strengthen cybersecurity, and augment Soldier safety worldwide. With deep insight into the technology ecosystem and a proactive approach to evolving trends and challenges, we are diligently crafting full-spectrum solutions to bolster the security of our nation.

Tribalco’s Signal Fusion Platform™

Enabling secure, bidirectional communication between disparate devices, including digital/analog radios and data networks, through a secure internet protocol gateway in tactical environments.

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

Designing, integrating, and deploying multi-layered solutions based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology, compliant with NSA standards. These solutions empower customers to securely generate, exchange, and safeguard their classified information within wired and wireless network environments.

Multi-party Protocol

Providing flexible and discreet solutions for secure infrastructure tasks that offer enhanced security, performance, and scalability. Our solutions guarantee data privacy and security in all aspects of infrastructure management.

Mesh Networks

Bridging communication barriers with innovative wireless technology capable of dynamic self-configuration and self-organization. Our solutions enhance networks by intelligently routing data and distributing workloads efficiently across network segments.


Delivering advanced 5G wireless technology to enable substantially faster data transmission rates, expanded network capacity, minimal latency, and heightened reliability while ensuring superior network performance and availability.